Some airplanes have steps, mine has an elevator!

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Yikes!  We fit the elevators this week-end in 105 degree heat!

Careful planning, measurement and drilling means we have a pretty straight tail.

RV-9 Elevator

Elevator installed and aligned.

After installing and sizing the elevator tie rod ends, we drilled the center elevator horn with a very small bushing. I was able to borrow one from a guy, with the agreement that I would mail the part on to the next builder. Done!  It is VERY important to get the tops of the elevator horns correctly drilled. You have to live with the results for the life of the plane!

RV-9 Elevator Horn installed

RV-9 elevator horn drilled and aligned.

The vertical stabilizer is already drilled but we removed it to make this work easier. The easier it is, the more accurate it will come out.

After it hit 105 F, we called it a day.