Clamps, clamps, clamps! I feel like Jed Clampett!

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My shop has clamps everywhere, but I can never find them when I need them! So here is a tip:

Screw or nail a length of 1×2 to the wall, and Volia!  Clamp holder!


Oh ya, I guess you can use a shelf too.  BUT that would have been a lame tool tip!


Can ya hear me now?

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The radio stack is in!

We have installed the frames for the radios.  KX-155, KY97A and a KT76A transponder. Nice King stack, and the frames are in. We are adding an MC-60 digital CDI but that will be installed on the left panel, to the right of the EFIS display. If the GPS goes south, I’ll still have a NAV with CDI to use.  No wiring yet.

King Radio Stack

Radio stack

We also installed the engine monitor, the EIS4000 from Grand Rapid Technologies.  By the way, these guys are GREAT to work with and they have really superior customer service! I still have room on the center section to add the warning light for the EIS, a COM switch, and maybe some other switches. Left panel will be busy!  I’m hoping to add an iFLY 720 with AHRS for the GPS backup on the right.  The iFLY is also a really great electronic flight bag.  Check out iFLY for more info.

Where are the flaps???

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We installed the flap position sensor. This is a copy of some friends at the airport, and it turns out, a copy from many folks.

flap position sensor

flap position sensor

It has been a quiet couple of weeks at the hanger, with a bunch of small but critical tasks. We installed doublers for the COMM antennas as well as the Transponder antenna. We finished the attach points for the instrument panel, and fit the three part panels into place. We still need to map all the stuff that will be installed on the panel tho. TONS of stuff.

We have picked the radios! From top to bottom, I’ll have:

  • King KX-155 NAV/COM with KI-209 CDI (maybe. I’m also looking at a MC-60 digital version.)
  • King KY-97A Comm
  • King KT-76A Transponder

in the radio stack. We also have a PS Engineering Intercom and a simple audio amp instead of an audio panel. No marker beacons.