Removing a Drill Chuck…

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First of all, we have mounted the battery box on the firewall, and are working to finish the Panel Frame. I bought the Affordable Panels XL three piece panel and I’m very happy with the fit and finish. We are building the substructure that the frame attaches to, and we will do a final mount to be ready for the panel parts. We will have some grief with the stack tho. No much room for radios with a support rib right smack in the middle!

Dave with RV-9A fuselage

Dave with Fuse

Now for a tool tip.  I had a battery drill go south, but the chuck was still good. Normally, in the old days, You would put the chuck key in the chuck, and whack it with a hammer (counter-clockwise) to cause the chuck to unscrew. BUT in the new days:

1. No chuck key
2. Drill is reversible, so just going backwards does not unscrew the chuck!

No worries. First, the chuck probably has a screw in it, so you need to open the chuck fully, and put in a screwdriver to remove the retaining screw. Here’s the secret: The screw has Left-hand threads! So turn it opposite to remove it!  Next, put the short side of an allen wrench (1/4 or so) in the chuck and whack it with a rubber mallet (counter-clockwise) and that baby will spin right off!