Back to the three D’s…

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Drill, Deburr and dimple. Back to the plan. We did the top skin today. Nice!

top Skin in an RV-9A

Top skin in an RV-9A

We also installed the heater control valve, a Fire-wall pass-through, and did some additional painting. Was a nice but rainy day.  Bad day to fly, but good day in the hanger. Actually, I guess any day is a good day in the hanger.

I’m starting to think about the EMS (engine management/monitoring system). I have an EIS 4000 from Grand Rapids Technologies, but I’m also getting a Skyview from Dynon Avionics. I’m also thinking about a EFIS/EMS from MGL (the Xtreme) which would be an EMS AND a backup EFIS for not a lot of extra $$$.  I really do not want to build a plane where the panel costs as much as the rest of the plane.  Simple Avionics, (like VAL radios and Nav) and a nice simple panel that is VFR/IFR Day/Night. Maybe something like:

Dynon Skyview
2 -Val Avionice Comm radios
1- Val INS-429 NAV
King KLN-94 GPS (enroute and approach certified)
Dynon Transponder

Keep the panel under $15K?

More later.




This part shows….

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We have started painting the interior and it is turning out GREAT!  Tom has a lot of experinece wih paint, so I’m letting him do the most. Really nice too.  We are using simple shaker can paint in the inside with Dupli Color self etching primer and Rustoleum Professional Light Machine gray enamel as the top coat. Easy to put on, easy to fix and low cost.  I got the idea from Van’s Airforce where other folks have used the same.

 RV-9A Interior

RV-9A Interior

We are finishing a bunch of little detail stuff, and working on the top skin. I also bought the three part panel from Affordable Panels. I got the XL version with the extended throttle quadrant.  I have pictures of my old Skyhawk, and that is the style I’m looking for.  With digital gauges of course. The Affordable Panels guys are great to work with, but you’ll need to talk to them on the phone to get all the options. The web site is a bit out of date. Go to

for an impressive system. Maintenance will be a snap!



Interior paint!

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I finally got the interior paint selected and started painting. We chose Light machine Gray for the interior color. We are using Rustoleum Professional enamel and it looks GREAT!


RV 9 interior

RV 9 interior

We also installed the frame for the battery box and we are looking for a heater control valve we like.

We also glued in the air vents.  These came our really nice.


Air vent on RV-9A

Prosealed Air Vent