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Well, we went off-plans (a rare thing for us) and added a parking brake. We used a Matco valve and a friend showed how he mounted his. Took a couple of extra work days to get everything right, but things are working out OK.

Parking brake valve and mounting plate

Matco parking brake and custom bracket










One thing I REALLY LOVE about Van’s aircraft is that they work hard to get a safe, secure, easy to complete plane in the air while controlling costs. I get to make some decisions along the way if I was to add a little more. For example the brake lines in the cockpit. They are fully functional, and very low cost. BUT having worked on this before, I realized I wanted to spend a few extra bucks on different lines and hoses. My choice. And adding the parking brake? My choice. If you did a heads down, by the book build, you would have a safe plane that did wonderful things. Add a few touches and you will have a plane you built and will be proud of.

What I did on my Summer Vacation…

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So, check out the new photos for what Tom and I have been doing this summer.  We got wire, floors, seat, brake lines, and lots of small stuff done.

Dave and the RV-9A fuselage

Summer fuselage










Check out:

Fuselage 2

in the pictures section for a bunch of new photos.

So, the tail is done, wings are done, the flight surfaces are done, and we are well along on the fuselage. we’re gonna need a motor soon.  O-320 Dynafocal mount. Got a spare you don’t need?

New Blog Tool!

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I have installed a new version of Window’s live Writer for editing blogs, and I’m interested in seeing how this is going to work.

Finally, I’ll get back to keeping my site up to date. Tom and I have made a TON of progress that is not posted yet, but will be if this new editor is as easy and they say.


(No, this is NOT an RV9A)