The times they are a changin’

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Well, my old hanger partner has moved out, and my new hanger partner will be moving in, so this is a good opportunity to do some serious house cleaning!

We started by doing a quick evaluation of all the stuff we had that has been pieced together as we have been building. Work tables, donated stuff, old Cessna parts and duplicate tools and supplies.

We decided to build a few new wall racks, remove some old tables and decommission duplicate equipment. A stop at the local EAA hanger with an offer for some sturdy work tables had the guys stopping by and picking up a few donations.

Part 1: Tear down. And clean the floor!


Out with the old…

I’m finding TONS of stuff that I really want, and have not seen in awhile. This has been a good lesson about being a pack rat. Sometime you get so much stuff, you can not find it anymore.


Well, the floor is clean anyway.

Next Week: Part 2 –



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